Independent Equipment Rental Insurance: The DOZR REP Explained

May 14, 2020
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Insurance is necessary for heavy equipment rentals just as it is for car rentals. Many companies and contractors are covered by their own insurance policies which is great! If equipment isn’t usually needed or is only used for specific projects, paying insurance rates every month for heavy equipment coverage can get expensive. This is where the DOZR Rental Equipment Protection (REP) Plan can help.

Homeowners, contractors wanting to do work on their personal property or small businesses that don’t always use heavy equipment may not have the insurance coverage to protect themselves when renting equipment. This can be costly in the case of theft, damage, vandalism or any other accidental damages with a rental because the equipment itself can be worth well over $100,000 – some larger machines like bigger excavators can even be priced closer to $1 million. It’s an expensive piece of machinery to be responsible for outright.

How Does the DOZR Rental Equipment Protection Plan Work

If you don’t have insurance already, the DOZR REP can cover you and help keep you protected for individual rentals. Whether you need a lift, a mini ex or a dozer, the REP is an easy and affordable way to protect yourself from all the accidents you can’t predict. 

Charged as a percentage of your rental, the REP covers everything from fire damage, flooding, hurricanes and other natural disasters, overturns, accidental damage and more. The coverage offered by REP may even cover some things that a traditional insurance policy does not.

The Importance of Keeping Yourself Protected

Equipment is expensive to buy especially if it’s only needed for a specific project or purpose. Homeowners or contractors looking to complete a personal project need protection just as much as a company does – maybe even more so! Independent projects may not have the luxury of 24/7 surveillance or being in a high-visibility location.

Why Would A Homeowner or Independent Person Want to Rent Heavy Equipment?

While construction equipment may be related to large projects or road work, there are many reasons that individuals or small businesses may want to rent equipment. 

Digging up a front lawn, taking down a shed, clearing brush, moving rocks, or completing landscaping and outdoor renovations may be simplified with a mini excavator or skid steer. Small companies such as painters, roofers, electricians or window and door installers may require a man lift or telehandler for a specific project.

The Power of Equipment Rentals

One of the beautiful things about heavy equipment is that it gives people the power to do more – often in a much safer way. Having the ability to use equipment without being at a large company can keep jobs safer. 

Imagine being a painter who has been hired to paint a multi-story building. A 24-foot ladder can be unstable on a windy day or uneven ground. This is especially true for a worker who must climb up with paint and brushes. Scaffolding is an alternative but may create challenges for moving around the building and keeping access to the structure secure. 

A scissor or boom lift can provide a stable work area that is more secure and easier to move, making the job safer and more efficient for employees. Through the DOZR REP, the painter or his company can rent and get coverage without needing to work with their own insurance provider. 

Your Online Rental Platform 

Because DOZR is an online rental platform, adding coverage to your rental can be done at the same time as the reservation. By searching and renting on you get access to thousands of rental houses across North America, have support from the DOZR team at all phases of your rental and can simply add the REP to your reservation – all completely online. 


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Tim Forestell

Tim Forestell is one of DOZR’s co-founders and CCO. Tim got started in the industry as VP Operations for Forestell Landscaping before founding DOZR with Kevin and Erin. Aside from the amazing team at DOZR, his favourite thing about DOZR are the customers. Working with DOZR renters every day gives him a peek at the evolution of different projects and hearing stories about projects being developed from start to finish. Although he knows the most about tractors, loaders and excavators, Tim’s favourite piece of equipment is the dozer because of the power it has and the cool new technology developed for it. DOZR’s vision was created when co-founders Tim, Kevin and Erin were discussing a recurring concern within the construction industry while on a vacation booked through the sharing economy. They wanted to make their idle heavy equipment work for them during the off season. DOZR was founded officially in late 2015. Tim continues to grow and challenge industry standards by creating efficient opportunities for the customer rental process. Tim holds a BHSc from the University of Western Ontario.


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