What Is a Digging Machine? Diggers Explained

January 15, 2021
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Digging is synonymous with construction. It’s hard to picture any construction project that doesn’t involve digging of some sort. But what does it mean when people refer to a “digger” or look to rent a digging machine?

Two Ways to Talk about Digging Machines

There are two main ways to talk about digging machines. The first is as any type of machine that digs – or moves and lifts – dirt. This is the more generic type of reference and could speak to everything from an auger to a drill to an excavator. 

The second and more common reference to a “digger” or “digging machine” speaks specifically to a single piece of equipment: the excavator.

What is the Difference between a Digger and an Excavator?

There is no difference between a digger and an excavator. Since the excavator is usually fitted with a bucket and has a single arm created primarily to be used with a bucket, digging is the main function of an excavator. Any project that requires digging will have an excavator on site.

Types of Digging Projects for Excavators

There are a variety of types of excavators making them perfect fits for specific projects.

Long Reach Excavators 

Long reach excavators are great for digging deep ditches or while digging in areas that are a bit further than where the machine can sit safely.

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are great for digging in smaller or residential areas and for projects such as laying wire, landscaping, sidewalk or pool building. The mini ex – or mini digger – is a great piece of equipment to have on-site if you need precise digging done. You can rent many mini excavators instead of a single large excavator to expedite projects if needed.

Tracked VS Wheeled Excavators

Updating urban centers and completing construction projects in the middle of cities is starting to increase the popularity of wheeled excavators. These digging machines can drive with ease over paged roads and finished foundations making them perfect for inner-city construction projects. They’re great on fuel and the higher cab makes them easy to work.

What are Diggers used for?

Although diggers and excavators are primarily used with a bucket attachment on the end of their arm, diggers could be fitted with augers, drills, or one of a variety of bucket types. Buckets with thumb attachments, rock buckets, angle tilt or trenching buckets are all just a few of the many different attachments and bucket types for diggers.

Renting a Digger

Renting a digging machine is a great way to ensure you have all the equipment you need to get the job done. A variety of excavator sizes, including mini diggers and a number of different attachments, can be found on DOZR.com.

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